Read was some clients have to say

Very helpful for the forming new thoughts, new perceptions, a new world!

The program called "Scared money Archetypes" was intriguing and fascinating for me.
And I knew that the lecture would be about our deep subconscious relationships with money. And I was not mistaken. Presently, after four months of participating in the program, I have some results I can speak about.
And they really are impressive, from my point of view. First of all, I increased my awareness about money.
My archetypes: Accumulator, Alchemist, Ruler. In the beginning I appreciated them as such: Accumulator - 3, Alchemist - 2, Ruler - 3. Now: Drive - 8, Alchemist - 6, Ruler - 7.

What did the program give me?
1. The estimate of my financial achievements - turns out, can not be earned!
2. Organize your income and expenses.
3. New visions for sources of income.
4. Increase self-esteem and self-respect.
5. Plan a new financial goal without fear.
When speaking about the program itself, it is very rich. From the start of the program it covers:

Internal restrictions, Self-limiting, Obstacles in the relationship with money, and creating a completely new attitude towards money, new habits, new behaviors.

Irina Belska is wonderfully fluent in the material, I felt her inside understanding of work and money questions. delivers the material slowly, and understandably.
Big thank you to the goal of the program. You have made a serious effort, helpful not only to those of us that participate in the program, but as a whole for forming new thoughts and new perceptions, and a new world.
Lazat Urdabaeva

Now I know what to do, what to develop, and what to strive for.

I would like to leave a comment about the program "Sacred Money Archetypes". This program is very useful, especially for people, which are in search of themselves, self-realization.
What change me personally: I understood my own money archetypes. And realized, why I did not like my work, and why I was not interested in earning money.
I made a lot of pleasant discoveries, now I know what to do, what to develop, what to strive for. I feel encouraged. I was very interested to hear about debt, and how to treat it and get rid of it.
I made a financial plan in December 2013 and we set up our own money speedometer. I found the courage in myself to haggle, became respectful of their wants and needs. I understood how to manage money at home.
I am grateful to Irina. I got on this path and I know that I will return to these lessons regularly, so that I will improve and comprehend new levels. The process is endless and very interesting. Because, if you go in seriously and work on yourself and exercise good faith, then the result will be insightful and shocking.
Viktoria Luzina

I learned a lot of valuable knowledge from these archetypes.

My main point, is that I learned a lot of valuable knowledge from these archetypes.
Romantics, I don't spend a lot of money since recent times, I've stopped appeasing my relatives, when it is hard for me. I really enjoy my life, even work. I do everything with a smile, while thinking about good results. From my own smiling I receive joy and pleasure.
And lastly, Alchemist. This I fully enjoyed.
I'll be honest, my past was crazy. Presently for several years, I don't watch TV, I don't think about politics. They have disappeared from my mind, as well as my obsessions for culturally revolutions. The systems do not change. It is necessary to think about yourself and your own life. My motto when it comes to Alchemy. although you may say that the last archetype is not always relevant. I'm of the opposite opinion. when reading its characterization, I was surprised by, how much I have.
I deliberately left old ideas. And I understand that it is ideal.
Zhanna Braun

I have "gotten the ball rolling"

Dear Irina!
Thank you to the mastermind. Through your coaching and communication, with the participants in this course. I have gotten "The ball rolling" step by step going for my dreams. Currently I have created a clear chain of actions and confidence in the realization of my business project.
I noticed important things for myself. That if there is a coach, the process and implementation of the project are amplified many times over... through "internal pressure" report results are due at a certain date and time. The reason for this phenomenon lies for me, in the sincere report (in front of me) and accepting full responsibility for everything that happens, monitoring self sabotage and ineffective illusions, emotions in yourself, so they will be open.
Share in the experience and have desire to learn. Implement new skills in your life!
Marina Metzler

The man offered me 800 euros for a custom dress!

The feeling of complete transition to another level, and clients during seminars come to a completely new order. One man came to me and wanted to cooperate with me, and named a price four times larger, then I had given half a year ago. Before this I would name a price of 100 euros for a dress. Now for such works I charge 200 euros, but this man offered me 800 euros!
Julia Walker

I was stuck!

“I was stuck. I wasn’t getting to an important action I had to take to move my business forward in a major way. Through the use of powerful questions and coaching, Irina helped me realize why I was stuck and what I needed to do to overcome my roadblock. And what a relief it was once the roadblock was removed! I was now able to let go of what was old and no longer supporting me in my business so I could move forward in a new and more profitable direction. Thank you, Irina!”
Sandra Hoedemaker
Business Success Coach for Financial Advisors